Auto Dent Repair
Boerne TX

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We serve the San Antonio TX area with quality paintless dent repairs. Call 830-446-2549 for a free estimate!

Located in Boerne, TX, True Craft Paintless Dent Repair fixes dents of varying sizes. Our certified technicians have the experience and specialized tools to repair your vehicle. We offer on-site services for all makes and models of vehicles. Our service areas include all of Hill Country as well as San Antonio, Kerrville and Fredericksburg.

  • Aluminum body repairs
  • Shopping cart dents
  • Plastic bumper repairs
  • Crease repairs
  • Door dings
  • Hail damage repairs
  • Shipping damage (for dealerships)
  • Outward dents
Truck Dent Repair

How We Preserve Your Automotive Investment

With the ever-advancing techniques of paintless dent removal, we can fix a lot of what only a body shop could do. Giving you, the consumer, options when it comes to having dents/collisions repairs. With the option of paintless dent removal there is no more worrying about “is my paint going to match?” We can preserve your factory finish by not breaking through the paint, like how a conventional repair would be done. If a collision or dent is repairable with PDR, we should always be your first option.

How We Save You Money

Although most of our repairs can be cheaper then a body shop, not all of our repairs are going to be cheaper than a conventional repair. PDR is always your best option for dent removal. Most of our repairs are completed the same day.

Most of our repairs are going to be less expensive than an insurance deductible. This saves you money because PDR saves from having a Carfax ding on your report. Keeping your car dent free and body filler free insures maximum resale value.

Always consider PDR before having a conventional repair done. Your wallet will thank you!