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As a professional dent repair company in Boerne, TX, True Craft Paintless Dent Repair provides exceptional services throughout Hill Country including San Antonio, Kerrville and Fredericksburg. Our certified PDR technicians will bring your vehicle back to pre-damaged condition. No matter what make or model your vehicle, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service by going above and beyond your expectations.

What sets us apart in this industry is our patience, focus, and attention to detail. Most dents won’t just “pop” out. It takes a skilled technician for a quality repair. Always consider True Craft Paintless Dent Repair first!

Dented Bumper

What is PDR?

Also known as (PDR), or paintless dent removal, is a method for fixing dings, dents, hail damage and collision damage. Using specially designed rods and lights. We are able to slowly and efficiently massage the sheet metal or plastic back to its original factory shape and condition. Repairs are done so without breaking through the paint, as in conventional repairs of a body shop. This Method of repair is environmentally friendly and repair times are significantly lower than that of a traditional repair. Most repairs are done the same day. PDR is always your best option because in this day and age the automobiles we own are such a big investment. keeping that factory paint intact if possible is vital for resale or trade in value.

If your damage has “conveniently” found a body line or contour of your car, this is not a problem for an experienced tech. At True Craft PDR we have the experience and patience to carefully and very effectively remove unsightly dents from a body line or contour.

How It’s Done (In a Nutshell)

The first step to a quality repair is analyzing the dent.

Is the paint damaged? Check for cracked or damaged paint in the impact area of the dent. Where is the dent? Is the dent in a body line? Is the metal stretched?

The second step is to find out if access is available.

How can we comfortably access the dent? Once we have determined the dent can be fixed with PDR techniques, we use a specially designed light. The reflection of the panel allows us to see all the highs and lows of the dent.

The third step is to repair the dent.

We slowly massage the metal back and forth until the metal is back to its original condition. NO MORE DENT!!

Plastic Bumper Repair

Using the same techniques we use fixing dents in metal surfaces, we use fixing painted or textured plastic bumpers. Most repairs are completed the same day with very little to no downtime. Contact us to learn more!
Plastic Bumper Dent

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