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Call True Craft Paintless Dent Repair – the body shop alternative serving the Boerne, TX area! 830-446-2549

Make True Craft True Craft Paintless Dent Repair of Boerne, TX your first choice over a body shop for your hail damaged vehicle. Not everything can be saved, but in the instance of hail damage, we want to preserve as much of your factory finish as possible. Our training, experience, and specialized tools ensure that your vehicle is quickly repaired at a fraction of the cost of traditional auto body work.

If your car, truck or SUV has sustained hail damage, start saving time and money when you call our professionals. We serve all of Hill Country including San Antonio, Scenic Oaks, Van Raub, Fair Oaks Ranch, Nelson City, Welfare, Waring, Comfort, Kerrville, and Fredericksburg.

Hail Roof Repair

Affordable Rate Guide

Average Dents:

An average door ding may look smaller than it really is. An estimate by photo will put you in the ballpark of what it will cost. It is important to get an accurate estimate with the vehicle clean and dry. Also using our advanced lighting inside or under shade. At True Craft PDR we use the most up to date, industry-standard estimating software. So you will not be getting a random number off the top of our head. Every dent estimated is run through our estimating software so you know you are getting an accurate estimate that is priced highly competitively.

Dent Pricing:

Dent Size (Diameter)

1” dent
2” dent
3” dent
4”+ dent

Estimated Cost

Call for Estimate

Discount for additional dents on same panel. Dents on separate panels will be estimated as above.

Crease Dents

Dent Size (Crease Length)

1” crease
2” crease
3” crease
4” crease
5”+ crease

Estimated Cost

Call for Estimate

Additional Charges:

Additional charges will include:

  • Bodylines
  • Deep/sharpness
  • Aluminum
  • Double panel
  • R/I or Remove and Install

Removal & Installation:

R/I or remove and install of parts may need to be done in order to gain access to the dent being repaired. Additional costs will effect final estimate. R/Is may include:

  • Headliner
  • Hood/insulator
  • Lights
  • Decklid/ hatch
  • Door/trim panel
  • Bumpers/liners
  • Other

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Aluminum Dent Repair

Aluminum is making a huge impact in the industry; however, it is a bit harder to repair because aluminum doesn’t have the memory that steel has. We are more than capable of fixing dings, dents, and hail damage on aluminum.
Repairing Hood Dent

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